Friday, April 18, 2014

Kiss me like you wanna be loved

Those beautiful quiet moments when you can just sit and take in the beauty. Words spoken you weren't sure you would ever hear again and just being in that moment that belongs just to you. I have no idea if that makes sense to anyone else but me but yeah - those moments. Love.

Collabor88 is having just an amazing month. This whole watercolor theme is fabulous. Everything in it makes me happy. The chair and balloons by the lovely Flutter Memel is one of my faves. I love how you can just put your avatar on fly and go as high or low as you want and just float. You can barely see it but I am wear the Emery Skater dress and it is perfect for the upcoming season. So light and pretty. as are the pretty sandals on my feet from Ingenue. Hair is by Truth for Collabor88 and it comes with a pretty barrette that you don't have to wear, but who wouldn't? It is just too adorable. What can't that guy do?

Sophia Harlow

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You hesitate so my memory fades, I'll hold to the first one

Did I mention Collabor88 is just so dreamy this round? Such a fantastic theme and set of colors. Sorry if I am gushing but I am in loveeeee.

Glam Affair released some really pretty versions of Brandi in two tones; one of them is Frost. A really pale and pretty tone and if you missed the notecard sent to the group yesterday - the appliers for hands and feet are now in the store!

Sophia Harlow

Saturday, April 12, 2014

and I’m going to ‘til I’m gone

‘Cause do I love you
Oh, I do
And I’m going to ‘til I’m gone
But if you think that I can stay in this
Same old, same old
Well, I don’t
I don’t

Sophia Harlow

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shape Define You? Part 2

A few years ago I did a blog about whether or not your shape defines you. You can check it out here.
I thought it would be fun to try it again and with the help of the lovely 50 people below who agreed to go naked (I see you Darla) and bald (ahem, hairbases) for us.

Here is what I wrote in the last one and I think the words still stand true :"I asked the question the other day...would you share/give your shape to anyone? Everyone who replied gave a pretty solid no.  The reasons given were varied but essentially the same, "our shapes define who we are". "They give us the opportunity to be different". That made me think...are we really allll that unique looking?"

Are we still? Even with all the recent shape stealing that has been going on in the last year or two? I think the answer is a solid YES.  It really is remarkable how even if they take our shape, buy the same skin, even wear the same clothes - you can't really capture the essence of the individual. Pixels or not...we are all unique. It doesn't matter the shape, the skin, the clothes, the hair..none of it. You can't copybot our personalities and who we truly are.

Sophia Harlow

Now go ahead...try and guess who everyone is!

  • Aida Ewing
  • Aime Takaaki
  • Aiubrey Snoodle
  • Alixxbella
  • Andel Rhiadra
  • Asia Romano
  • Autumn Amaranth
  • BellaStarr Fhang
  • Bette Bodenhall
  • Brandi Monroe
  • Caitlin Tobias
  • Celeste Forwzy
  • Chandni Khondji
  • Charisma Jonesford
  • Cherry Appletor
  • Corksoaker Gloom
  • Dani Riaxik
  • DevinVaughn Resident
  • Fayette Aeon
  • Felicity Blumenthal
  • Flutter Memel
  • Fugazi Rubanis
  • Grazia Horowitz
  • Gwin LeShelle
  • Harlow Heslop
  • Harvest Dezno
  • Izzie Button
  • Jade Glazner
  • Joonie Jatho
  • Jordan Whitt
  • Katharine McGinnis
  • Kirsty Oherlihy
  • Lauren Minuet
  • Luca7777777 Vespucciano
  • Lucie Bluebird
  • M4rilyn Magic
  • Mavi Beck
  • Mikel Monk
  • NatiWilliams
  • Natsumi Kangjon
  • Oakley Foxtrot
  • Octagons "Pizza" Yazimoto
  • Peace Edenflower
  • Primrose Snowfield
  • Qopi
  • Sam Laszlo
  • Sylvia Olivier
  • Sysy Chapman
  • Tyr Rozenblum
  • Wendz Tempest

Sophia Harlow

You said hope was getting hard to find

This round of Collabor88 is just so soft and romantic. I love it. A lot of items inspire images that show some emotion and I love that. I dislike taking pictures of things to just show them. For me that is just not enjoyable. I like images to say something. For me that is. I totally enjoy bloggers that show every angle, all the accessories, etc. Those are fantastic and get my utmost respect. There is no right or wrong. Unless your blog has a music player. Just say no to those.

Sophia Harlow

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Round and round the world will spin

It't that time againnnnnn....Collabor88 and I bet you all knew that. Why am I taking that bet? BECAUSE this round has to be one of my favorite ever. EVER. The feeds have been flooded with the gorgeous releases from some of the grids top designers. It is really a truly gorgeous month. I realize it will be packed for a few days, but do make it happen.

Coming soon is The Season's Story. Soon as in tomorrow. Glam Affair has the lovely Brandi in two gorgeous skin tones and you don't want to miss that or any of the other beautiful things.

It's a rough week for our Linden wallets, but ohhhh so worth it!

Sophia Harlow

Friday, April 4, 2014

But I keep waiting for the night

The Mens Dept is opening in under an hour and it is their huge 2 year anniversary! Soo many fantastic designers with gorgeous things. I know it is called The Mens Dept, but so many things are unisex. Things likeeeee....this Monk Hair from Tableau Vivant. Do love. In the back there are dreads and in the front a headband with a hud that you can change the color on. Also, I am wearing a necklace from Mandala which you will be able to buy at the event. I have a few other things that I am sure will make it to my blog and many others. Such a cool round, don't miss it.

Curio released three new skins and these are some of my recent faves. I have on Veronica and Ia m loving it. Such a pretty and unusual face. If you haven't been to Curio lately, she slashed the price on her fatpacks and they are still full skin tones and tons of color makeups in each pack. Such an amazing deal!

I am exhausted and calling it a night.

Don't forget to hit The Mens Dept in about 15 minutes!

Sophia Harlow

Dreaming about the things that we could be

Cheeky Pea is back with a bang! How gorgeous is this library attic that she released for The Home Show? I have been obsessed with books for my entire life. They were my escape, my world, my best friends and sometimes my safety. All the book things, all the time. Chair is also available at The Home Show and you want it. They come in male/female versions and for some reason I picked the male one. Who cares, they both have unisex sits and are adorable.

Fameshed opened a few days ago and one of my favorite new brands, Mutresse, released some summertime summertime summertime loveee with these adorable Guzla shorts and Nadya tank tops. Like with everything released by Mutresse, it is VERY well made, has a hud so you can change and color various parts of the garments and are priced so fairly you kind of have to double check to make sure you are truly buying the right thing. Do. Love.

Sophia Harlow

TP to Home Show

Blogger Challenge Part 2

A few years ago I did a blogger challenge and it was so much fun!

"I asked the question the other day...would you share/give your shape to anyone? Everyone who replied gave a pretty solid no.  The reasons given were varied but essentially the same, "our shapes define who we are". "They give us the opportunity to be different". That made me think...are we really allll that unique looking?"

I asked several bloggers and some designers that were interested to send me their picture; bald, naked from the shoulders up - no hairbase . Quite a few did and here were the results from that.

Blogger Challenge Part 1

I decided to do part 2 because the first one was so popular. Soooooo, follow the same rules as above. Send me your picture to my email; You must be bald, naked from the shoulders up, no hair base and please make sure to tell me your avatar's in world name. Please use a white background.

I will accept pictures starting today through the 10th so get cracking if you want to be part of it!

EVERYONE is invited to do it. You don't need to know me, like me or be my best friend or first cousin on my father's side. You are all invited to partake. 

Sophia Harlow

Thursday, April 3, 2014

She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors

Those quiet dreamy days that remind you what is really important and not one of them has anything to do with what you are wearing, who you know, who likes you or what he/she said. Those are the best days. Find a quiet spot and delve into your head. See where it takes you.

Gizza released this adorable dress in a few different styles that I had to hurry up and blog. Wasabi has this pretty ponytail out for Fameshed that is a must have. A true wardrobe staple!

Belleza, one of my top two favorite skin makers has a new full release of Ria and she is gorgeous. I will be doing a more in depth blog with her, where you can actually see my face. lol.

Have an amazing day/night.

Sophia Harlow