Thursday, October 23, 2014

I didn't feel so bad till the sun went down

The Seasons Story has been in full swing for a few weeks now and I hope you have at the very least been there once! I say at least once because there is so so much to see. I was lucky enough to be able to visit during set up but I have had to go back a few times because there is still so much to see and buy. It is their anniversary edition and a lot of the designers have out little gifts. Do tp over and check it out!

Everyone seems to love the autumn season and honestly, it makes me a little blue. I love summer and sun so when the temperature starts to get cooler, I can feel my mood changing. Don't get me wrong, I love the gorgeous colors and the cool air is a welcome relief to the very hot summer days but I will always prefer the summer.

One thing I do love very much about fall is the cozy feeling of it all. Sweaters, staying home with books to read, heater on and just that cozy feeling in your favorite spot of your home. Give and take,  I guess!

Sophia Harlow

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I keep my lips red, they seem like cherries in the spring

Important stuff coming at you - Foxes released a selection of leather and lined aviator jackets and a cute cropped tshirt. Each jacket comes with a hood add on and a fur collar add on. Each collar and hud comes with a hud so you can choose the color you want. The crop tops come in a variety of colors and a few with writing on them. All adorable. All Cute. You need them all. They are available at n21 and can purchase some items separately but not all, so pay attention when you are buying. The specialty jackets - the ombre ones are limited edition and you will only ever be able to purchase them at this round of n21, so like don't cry later when you see them on the feeds and the event is over. This is your warning. Tick tock. Make it happen.

My PSA for tonight is done.

Sophia Harlow

And I draw a line To your heart today

Do you remember the first kiss? 
Stars shooting across the sky 
To come to such a place as this 
You never left my mind

I'm watching from the wall 
As in the streets we fight 
This world all gone to war 
All I need is you tonight

And I draw a line 
To your heart today 
'To your heart from mine 
A line to keep us safe'

All through the rising sun 
All through the circling years 
You were the only one 
Who could have brought me here

PJ Harvey - One Line

Sophia Harlow

Taken at my sim - Sacred. Open to the public.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby, You Should Stick Around

Just about a week left of Uber so quick get over there and pick up this pretty hair from Exile and the bed from Cheeky Pea.

You have a bit more time to stroll over to Collabor88 to pick up this very yummy outfit from Baiastice and also the boots. Very sexy!

I am so obsessed with this skybox from Trompe Loeil that you will be seeing it quite often! Love.

Sophia Harlow

mister I think you have me all wrong

TAG gacha was a lot of fun, even though at first I thought it sounded confusing. Once you get started, it is quite fun. Do check it out and don't forget to swing by Glam Affair for a chance to win these lovely headdresses!

Fantasy Collective is due to open later today and they are full of pretties. Some of my faves are the dress from Valentina and also this gorgeous hair from Exile. Super pretty!

My shoes are from the every lovely Maitreya, they come with a Slink option, as well as their own foot with really easy to tint hud.

What are you waiting for! Go get some shopping done!

Sophia Harlow

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weary are my hands

Weary are my hands
from grabbing onto your ghost,
haunted are my palms.

Sophia Harlow

Monday, October 13, 2014

On my own, this is where I build my home

Trompe Loeil released this gorgeous skybox at Collabor88 and it is just to die for.  Three gorgeous rooms, fireplace in each room and just beyond lovely. I filled it with the other Trompe Loeil items; Wingback chairs, also from Collabor88 and the Paxton set from Fameshed.

Several of the other items are also from recent events; Lantern clock from Floorplan,  simple light from Oyasumi, Sway's Fall Jars from The Seasons Story, Moby storage table from Second Spaces, and a tinned plant which is a group gift from Junk.

I added a few other faves and that makes up one of the rooms from this lovely house. I am determined to finish the other two rooms by this weekend so stay tuned!

Sophia Harlow