Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You seemed so close but yet so cold

I have been a little quiet on the blogging front because I have been terribly busy with RL and SL work. Throw in a few other distractions andddd there I am 10 days later. HI!

Arcade Gacha is in the middle of it's round and just as many gorgeous things as ever. It isn't all about the fun and silly things but also beautiful things like the bed above from Apple Fall and the skybox from Rageworks. So many other gorgeous home furnishings you will want to fill your house with.

Glam Affair released a new set of makeup for the latest round of Cyber Princess for TLC. Six lovely makeups, 8 eyebrow color options and one no brow option. Something for everyone!

Hair I have on is from Tableau Vivant, and available on the 20th at The hair boosts a new new hud for accessories and some new hair tones. The style can be worn with or without the ponytail and it is gorgeous either way.

Baiastice released the prettiest dress for Fameshed. Simply lovely and it comes in two different options as well as several colors.

Sophia Harlow

Monday, September 8, 2014

So empty in the space between us

Did you hear? Collabor88 opened! Maybe you heard. Maybe.

Trompe Loeil released this lovely build for Collabor88 and it is just so perfectly made, it makes me verrry happy. The little place has 16 adorable animations and can we just discuss the lights and the area around it? I just love it. It does come with water but I removed it so I could fit it up on my hill, where it will stay foreverrrr.

Sophia Harlow

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I can tell you taste like the sky 'cause you look like rain

What Next released these lovely, comfy looking chairs for Arcade Gacha that seem just perfect on my dock. Pair it with jeans from Maitreya, new sweater from Monso that you can purchase at Fameshed and perfect. If you notice my shoes, I have already worn them once before in the last few days bc I simply adore them. They are from Just Design and a fantastic deal for them at The Chapter Four. They come with a hud so you can change color on the toe and straps and they are perfect for this kind of cozy weather mood that I am in.

Damselfly has really changed their hair textures and styles. I am wearing one of their latest from the I <3 RP and am totally enjoying their new styles. Release after release they are doing some good things. If you haven't tried them in a while - do so. They have grown and changed quite a bit.

Skin I have on is from Glam Affair and the upcoming Collabor88 round. The makeups are so bring and bold that they demand to attention. Artemis is such a lovely face that the combination will be impossible to not add to your collection.

Sophia Harlow

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Your mouth is a memory I memorize

Baiastice released some sexy lingerie for the end of times aka Apocalypse theme at Uber. I don't know about you but I want to go out looking good in my final moments and this lingerie makes it possible. Slew of colors and easy to wear with the mesh bodies out now.

Tarte has this adorable bed out for The Neighbourhood that you will need to go pick up because for the next 24 hours it is only 200L. There are two options - brass and iron, the iron version is being used in my picture. The poses are really sweet and whimsical but I wanted to also show the house which is also from Tarte but at Arcade Gacha. Sweet and just the right size for a perfect little cottage.

I am obsessed with all things Apple Fall and his releases at this round of Arcade Gacha are fantastic, as per usual.  Check out the ladder table, lamp, pheasant feathers and carriage clock. Adorable, right?

Junk, which is a big favorite of mine for furniture, made this adorable memory collector fan that I keep putting in all my blog pics lately. LOVE. It is the rare but so worth trying your luck for it. Last but not least - the 1965 radio from 7 Emporium rounds out my little corner of bloggage.

Sophia Harlow

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank You Beary Much!

Zen of Boogers has been cheering up the grid for the past few rounds of Arcade with these precious bears of his. Sadly, this will be the last set he releases. Boooo! Each round I have always looked so forward to what that little creative genius will come up with for the bears and each one has put a smile on my face. The texturing on them is just fantastic and all the ideas for bears! Where does he get them?!!! While I am very sad to see the end of them, I am looking forward to what he comes up with next.

Thank you Zen for the lovely bears, I am surely not alone when I say that you brought happiness with each one to so many of us.

Sophia Harlow

And I’m going to ‘til I’m gone

In just a few days the anniversary edition of Collabor88 will be closing and you won't be happy with yourself if you missed it! The collection was gorgeous (even if I am a wee bit biased) and you can't beat the prices of the items so hurry - quick like bunnies, before it closes and the items go to their main stores for full price.

So in love with the 8f8 Arcade set - La Petite Joie Cafe. I might never remove it from my sim. Each piece was made with the utmost care and you can sense how much the designer loves what he does. Beautiful collection.

Tableau Vivant Arcade hair is some of my very favorite. Gorgeous updos with various accessories. Love! 


Sophia Harlow

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

you don't have to explain, just come home

Arcade Gacha is in full swing and I am thrilled about it. Not just because I am one of the Arcade staff members that has been working months on preparing it but because - ALL THE THINGS!

I am a huge and I mean HUGE fan of home goods - I can't resist anything for the house and usually have to buy everything that is released, whether or not I am going to use it now or later. Or ever. Luckily for me, and the grid, everything released this round of Arcade Gacha has been just fantastic. Every single round, I not patiently at all, wait for Tres Blah's machine and I am never ever disappointed. The workspace set is so much perfect that I can barely stand it. I love when a machine is full of items that you want so badly that you never pout about getting a duplicate. If you are like me, home good dupes just means I can use the pieces in different parts of my home or skybox.

The Arcade release from Pixel Mode is rather bitter sweet for me. The sewing machine set reminds me of the one that we had in our house when I was a young child and I can clearly remember my mother making things, while drinking coffee and singing on and off to whatever was on the radio. Good memories.

I also threw in some pieces from other machines like the most have memories fan from Junk and the pattern box from Second Spaces. So many cute home things! Do try to visit even if it is a bit difficult to get in right now - totally worth it.

In the midst of all the Arcade commotion, Fameshed also opened a new round and Valentina E. released this adorable tank, undies and vintage robe. The set comes in many different colors and it is just adorable. You can wear any of it on it's own and the rob opens and closes with a simple chat command. Verrry cute.

Sophia Harlow

Monday, August 25, 2014

A cold wind is whispering secrets in your ear

Valentina E. released this gorgeous dress that can be worn two different ways for the Fantasy Collective. To me it just embodies mystery and beauty with just a little bit of sadness. I love the draping of the top layer to the fullness of the bottom one. Gorgeous. The hooded top with the risque amount of cleavage showing is just lovely. So well made.

Take a peek at my skin - still have not able to take off Skye which is coming soon from Glam Affair for Arcade Gacha. This week I promise to blog all the makeups because they are truly beautiful.

Sophia Harlow

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Here, there and everywhere - some Arcade Gacha sneak peeks

You feel that humming in the air in Second Life? That is excitement because guess what is cominggg? Arcade Gacha! So so so excited for Sept. 1st when the Arcade swings open their doors for a new round which marks their 2nd Anniversary. How amazing is that? Two years later and I am still super excited for each round and cannot wait to see what everyone has to offer. This round is going to be equally full of fantastic items from some of the grids best.
I blogged quite a few items from Aria and I am loving each piece tons and tons. Look at that armless chair. Is that gorgeous or what? The floor lamp with the cord - is that not just adorable? Take a look at the cat vases. So much big love. Nylon Outfitters has a slew of gorgeous must haves in their machines.

Seriously....this is just the start of what is promising to be a fantastic round. Save your lindens!

Sophia Harlow