Saturday, November 22, 2014

The way you move me, it's crazy

Latest round of N21 should have you tping over asap to pick up the Foxes Fleece Jacket. Variety of colors with options to wear with a tshirt. Their tshirt has a hud with several options of phrases and colors. I decided to pair it with a favorite dress from BCC because I wanted to show that for sure you can wear it by itself just fine!

Also, don't forget to swing by Kustom9 and try out Angelica V2 from Glam Affair. Such a lovely skin already but Aida went and did more magic to it with v2. Beautiful!

Sophia Harlow

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm done with hesitation, got no stationary blues

So excited about the upcoming Geeks & Nerds events! The cardigan that I am wearing with the white collared shirt underneath is from The Secret Store and one of the many sure to be adorable items available at the upcoming event.  The cardigan comes in various colors/patters and each one is adorable. Perfect for winter.

I paired it with jeans from Mon Tissu that are some of my faves. Shoes are from Lindsey Warwick and available for Men and Women at The Mens Department. Yeahh for new cute sneakers.

The room is a whole mish mash of stuff from various Arcade Gacha rounds, some other gacha events and a few wonderful stores. Everything is in my credits below!

Sophia Harlow

Monday, November 17, 2014

Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

So many wonderful events full of must haves. Foxes leggings from Uber and adorable sweatshirt from The Kawaii Project. So many different options that I am prettttty sure you will walk away with more than one. I am LOVING how much clothes they are releasing. All adorable stuff.  Skin and hair with accessories from Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair sold together for CosplaySL. The hair and skins are sold together in 11 beautiful options - love.  Forever favorite shoes from Tres Blah that are from a long time ago Collabor88 but I am addicted to them.

Speaking of Collabor88, this round has been magical. The skybox is from Vespertine whom I believe to be the best maker of whimsical and unique skyboxes. You can purchase this one at Collabor88. While you are there, check out the floorplan and Willow lazy lounger full of adorable poses, along with the astrology chalkboard. One of my favorite home goods stores - Junk, is a guest this month and you can find several of their well made and lovely items at Collabor88, including the room lamp in the picture.

Sophia Harlow

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hear my faith, Seal my fate

Coming soon for the Secret Affair is the dress that I am wearing in the picture from Valentina E. Also included with the gorgeous one arm bare dress is the belt and the leather armour. I am not wearing it but there is also a sable or mink stole that you can drape over one arm. All the accessories can be worm separately and that is a huge plus for mixing and matching with other outfits. The dress comes in a variety of colors andddd need I say again how fantastic it is? Valentina never disappoints.

All you Glam Affair skin lovers, remember Angelica? Well guess what? Aida decided to release an Angelica V2 for the upcoming Kustom9. She is just as gorgeous as ever with some slight changes and will be available in a few more days!

Sophia Harlow

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Save your advice 'cause I won't hear

Collabor88 is officially open and it is glorious. Modern Alchemy is the theme and everything is just lovely. I am wearing the Teefy dress; Flutter (hey flo, heyyyy) and it is just lovely. The front is a deep V with a belted waist, the skirt flows in perfect folds to above the knees and it comes in a slew of colors. Very pretty. Also easy to layer a coat or sweater over for those of you who are layer addicts.

I paired it with the Fri boots that are knee height and you can wear them with or without the socks. Whichever way you choose, these boots are a fall/winter must have. Love them!

Speaking of love, please take a look at that jewelry from guest Zaara. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It is made so well that you feel like you can reach out and actually touch the grooves of the designs. Stunning work.

Sophia Harlow

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I said you don't need my voice girl, you have your own

Collabor88 is JUST around the corner and I am realllly excited! Okay, I am always really excited about C88. I can't help it! It is hands down my favorite event in SL. Ever.

Speaking of faves, I grabbed my lovely Sylvia Olivier  and asked her to pose with me in the latest Pixicat dress that will be available November 8th at Collabor88. The dress is simply adorable. The top comes in a 8 different colors and you can purchase it as a dress with the black skirt and pick a top color OR you can purchase it in two parts; skirt and top. If you purchase it as a skirt - you have 8 color options and then the separate top also available in 8 color options. Fun to mix and match!

I am wearing hair from Entwined that is new and out at We <3 Role Play. Entwined is a fairly new brand but the last few releases really caught me eye - very cute.

The lovely Sylvia Olivier has not given me her information but she will be blogging her version of the image tomorrow so check out her blog!

Sophia Harlow

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I love you beyond the limits of my human heart

New round of Fameshed and Valentina E released a gorgeous outfit. The high waist, gathered skirt is so lovely with the front short and the back flowing out. The half top has a belt at the bottom, gathered with the smallest most delicate buttons. Really a sensational outfit.

I paired it with a recent hair from Truth that is one of my favorite styles of this year. I love how full it is in the back and how the front frames the face perfectly.

Skin is from Glam Affair and available at Uber. Check out the lips on that skin. LOVELY.

Sophia Harlow

Sunday, November 2, 2014

He'll teach you how to pick and choose

Fameshed opened a new round and it is a warm and cozy one. Fishy Strawberry fit right in with the waist length Lenin Sweater that has a lovely cable knit texture. It reminds me of a few dozen that I have hanging in my rl closet, with the exception that most of mine are a bit longer and usually have the sleeves dangling past my finger tips because I have a bad habit of pulling them over my hands.

Also for sale along with the sweater is this adorable studded denim skirt that has zippers on both sides. It is textured really well and there is a hud that comes with it so you can change the color of the zippers and studs. Really cute.

I paired it with a realllly old pair of tights from Surf Couture that I have no idea if they are still available but super cute.

The other parts of the outfit are a cute and very well textures hip purse from Remarkable Oblivion that should be out in the store. The hair is a recent release from Magica and I paired it with some glasses from Sorgo. The necklace is from Mandala, it is unisex and comes in various colors.

Sophia Harlow