Sunday, December 9, 2012

Luck Would Have It

Dear Tricky,

I forgive you for releasing three new MALE skins today and nothing for us women. I am not forgiving you because it is the right thing to do or even because you are a friend and I realize how selfish I am being but because due to you, the grid will be full of men that might possibly look like this....

love, Soph

Three new gorgeous faces - Dylan, Ethan and Cooper. Dylan and Ethan come in  5 skin tones with 6 facial hair options and Cooper has 6 facial hair options also but only in four skin tones. All the skins can be purchased individually or in fatpacks. Seriously. Hot.

Sophia Harlow

Male Soph is wearing:

Belleza- Dylan DT 5 - NEW
/Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair - Black coffee
[MANDALA] LUCK Necklace/Silver/
{EPIC} Casual Chinos - L - Plaid
IKON Eternal Eyes - Dew (S)

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