Monday, December 10, 2012

Privately divided by a world so undecided

I am fairly certain that I would not be wearing a sweater that shows my tummy if it was snowing and I was hanging out around an igloo. Who can be certain though, as I have been known to not really follow too many rules in fashion or otherwise.  What I do know is that the new c88 set from Cheeky Pea is without a doubt one of my latest favorite things.

The set is just awesome. I didn't add everything to the picture but mostly everything. There are 2 single sleeping bags and one double that covers you when you sit down. The Igloo comes in two versions, one with lights and one without. It has 8 sit animations and each one is just adorable.  There are two versions of the Cuddle Log - one PG for nice boys & girls and one adult version for naughty boys & girls. NO JUDGEMENT from me. The sleds are ridable with sits for 1-3 people and the fire even has settings!   Super well done as everything released by Cheeky Pea and truly just perfect for winter!

I am wearing some of the latest offerings from C88 from Boom, Hucci, Noodles and the Secret Store. I am so over the moon about this month! The designers just rocked it big time. Love all of it!

Sophia Harlow

:CP: Chestnut Winter Camp - NEW C88
*BOOM*  Tinsley Cashmere Bow Scarf (chest) Grey/Red- NEW C88
::HH:: Hucci Vail Alpine Boot Pink Flambe - NEW C88
Noodles - Celestual Headband Silver/Rose Quartz- NEW C88
Noodles - Celestual Ring Silver/Rose Quartz - NEW C88
The Secret Store - Damask Sweater - Salmon Toast - XS- NEW C88
-tb- Juju Jeans - Original Wash 1  
[PXL] Beauty Mark POS1 Dark DX
:GP: Airhead-Dark Brows 
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (lush black)
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (minimalist tintable)
[e] Something - Brown 08 
:GP: Acorn [Light] Airhead-Daze 1 
IKON Eternal Eyes - Dew (S)
Baffle! Caribou - no longer available. sad face. 

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