Sunday, January 27, 2013

All the colors are mixing in my head

When I first started SL, I wore the same skin for about a year. I refused to believe that changing my skin would not change my shape. I was verrry attached to my shape, and for the most part I have kept it 85% original to my very early days.  Anyway, when I first realized that everyone was right...I could change my skin and keep my shape I became obsessed with a few brands. One of them was Tuli, I could not get enough of Tuli. I would hear of a release and tp over like a giddy kid to buy buy buy. Tuli never disappointed, she released gorgeous original skins one after another. Beautiful faces, soft and feminine bodies and makeup that was always so rich and colorful.  As years passed, my list of brands I adored grew but I always had big love for Tuli's skins. Sometime in 2011, Tuli went quiet. No releases and she was rarely in world. We waited and waited...nothing. Many of us refused to leave her VIP group and hoped she would return. Patience is a virtue because Tuli is back!

I am wearing her Helena in powder with dimples! How cute are those dimples? VERY! Loving it. I added a tattoo lipstick layer to match my shoes. The skin is pure Tuli. Soft, detailed, pretty and gorgeous makeup. All feels right in SL, Tuli is back.

Sophia Harlow


Skin: [:T:] Helena / powder :: 08 dimples - New
Skin Tattoo: [:T:] Helena / powder :: Lips :: Intense Fuchsia (gloss) - New
Heels: [Gos] Mae Platform - Naturelle Collection - New
Tattoo: ::LEO-NT:: INFINITY-LOVE Tattoo (hip&neck)
Ring: (DF) PIGALLE ring R onix
Bracelet: [MANDALA] Hokusai Bracelet/SILVER
Ring: Donna Flora ANASTACIA  Ring
Blazer/Shirt: coldLogic combo - tate.onyx (XS)
Hair: Magika Quote
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * XS #6 
Hairband: The Sea Hole - Shimmer Hairband - Juicy Plum - New @ C88
Eyes: IKON Kaleido Eyes - Earth (S)

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