Friday, January 25, 2013

I've seen this room and I've walked this floor

Gospel Voom of Gos is about to hit the grid tomorrow (noon SLT) with a new line of shoes that will be a game changer in footwear. Am I exaggerating? No. I am hardly even touching the surface, to be honest. In the Elegance Collection there are four different mesh styles that are named after famous Hollywood legends and each shoe is without flaw. I honestly mean it, without flaw. The mesh feet that you can also purchase to wear separately are the cutest toes I have seen in SL.  Listening to Gos talk and plan for the shoes for soo many months I knew they would be gorgeous, because well...he is in my personal opinion one of the best modelers in SL. I just had no idea  how gorgeous they would be. 

The shoes are web coded for skin matching and there are over 300 skins that you can match and more being added daily. Pretty amazing. You wear the shoes, log into the website, search for the skin you are wearing, add it to your hud by clicking 1 button, go back in world - sync the hud (1 button) and then click the swatch/number you just gave the skin and there you go. PERFECT MATCH! I tried every pair of the new shoes, with several different skins with different wind light settings and PERFECT for each one.  There is also an option for a manual match if your skin isn't listed quite yet. Now listen, I am seriously challenged when it comes to computer/technical things. I only learned how to link items a few months ago and that is sadly not an exaggeration. This system is EASY. When Gos first passed the collection to me, I didn't listen to his instructions on purpose because I wanted to see if I could sort it out. I did. In minutes. My feet were perfectly matched in under 5 minutes from drop to wear.

Elysium Eilde did an amazing tutorial on YouTube that explains and shows you much better than I ever could.   

Also, you REALLY want to join the Gos Boutique group because members will be given an additional 10% off.

Okay, I think that is it with the exception of all the links and stuff you will need for tomorrow.

Group Join: Gos Boutique

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