Saturday, February 23, 2013

Breaking, breaking porcelain

I am a Pisces through and through. I resemble nearly every single characteristic - good and bad of my zodiac sign. I tend to be very compassionate and adaptable as well as  over-sensitive and at times self-pitying and indecisive.  I am a dreamer that is aloof but still impractical with a dash of the occasional melancholy. Sigh. It is exhausting to be a Pisces, I can't imagine having to put up with me as I am positive that is equally as exhausting. The Ingenue dress released for the Zodiac event, which happens to be Pisces this round which is why I am blabbing about being a Pisces, is truly lovely. I love the soft and romantic feel to it, it is just a gorgeous dress. The pose I am using is a group gift from Embody which is a set of rainy day poses and it comes with an umbrella, just not the one I am using. Figured that since it ALWAYS rains on my bday, a rainy pose would just be fitting.

Sophia Harlow

Ingenue :: Onde :: S :: Kelp - NEW 
>TRUTH< Magdalena - seasand - NEW 
Cae :: Solitary :: Earrings - VIP Gift
-Belleza- Picses Zodiac Faded tattoo
(iTuTu) umbrella by Kao Sands - retro / 2 
Slink Mesh Hands Casual  
Slink Vanity Boot S Green 
Glam Affair - Roza Basic - America04  
IKON Lucid Eyes - Glass (S)
Pose: Embody Pose Pack  DRIZZLE

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