Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No fears alone at night she's sailing through the crowd

Fashion For Life is about ready to open their doors on March 9th and runs for an entire week. Help raise money to fight for a cure by visiting the 9 sims, that span over 200 creators and also live entertainment which includes music acts, fashion shows and various events. The dress and belt I am wearing is from COCO for the event and just a lovely outfit. I tinted the belt pink to match better with my super awesome Tableau Vivant PINK backpack of unicorn happiness.

Have you guys played that machine yet at Arcade Gacha? Gah, so much goodness packed into one little machine! I decided to keep playing on the pink theme so I added the PiDiddle, Kitty  Bow Peep Band in pink/leopard that is also a huge, HUGE fave, threw on my fave vintage floral skates from The Secret Store, topped it off with some pink Truth Video Games hair and ofc no outfit is complete without some jewelry. I am currently seriously, hardcore obsessed with my Noodles Fairy Tale Charm Bracelets. I finished adding all the charms to the silver one but couldn't stop there and had to do the gold one too. I  traded with friends and hit that Arcade Gacha machine like a champ until I completed both and once I did I was so excited I am almost ashamed to share how much! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE theSkinnery, Kate, that you can also win at Arcade Gacha! ARGH! So much goodness in one beautiful place!

Sophia Harlow

Arcade Gacha

*COCO*_LeatherBuckleBelt_Red(mod) - Tinted pink - NEW @ FFL Opening March 9th
*COCO*_Tee&MiniComboDress_S  - NEW @ FFL Opening March 9th
.Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace - S - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
:FANATIK: Logo bangle ANGEL - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
:FANATIK: Logo bangle BITCH - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
:FANATIK: Logo bangle LOVE - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
>TRUTH< Video Games - Pink  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
MG - Necklace - Wild Honey Bee - Hot Pink  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Silver - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
PIDIDDLE - Kitty Bow Peep Band - Pink/Leopard RARE  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Floral -  RARE  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack - Pink - RARE  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
[theSkinnery]Kate-Virgin(champagne) BB CL1  - NEW @ Arcade Gacha
*sUmi* ribbon knit socks PINK   
IKON Lucid Eyes - Machine (S)

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