Monday, May 20, 2013

I get so carried away

I love decorating in both lives. LOVE IT! In Second Life, it is of course much easier so I do it often. By often I mean once a month or so. I can't help it that designers make amazing things that I cannot resist!
I am always on the search for cute little things to add, changes to make. It never really looks the exact same day to day. I change the house quite a bit also but right now I am so stuck on this one.
Home furnishings is a huge addiction for me in Second Life and my furniture folder is perfectly organized into folders per items. As an example - Furniture is the main folder with sub folders for: mesh plants/fireplaces/tables/prints, etc. Obsessive much? Very.Which makes it even more perplexing why after spending so much time on my land and home, I spend most of  my time.....

on my platform. :/

Sophia Harlow

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Jewel said...

Love it! The pic of you skybox made me laugh too lol

I'm addicted to decorating now also. If I squeeze one more prim in my house it might explode at this point.

Love the house in the pics! Such great stuff.

Jewel said...

Hope this isn't a repeat post, think it ate my original.

I love doing the same thing, decorating. It's so addicting. Takes the right house though, and seems you found the perfect one. Great stuff!

I laughed at the platform pic lol That was me a few years ago. I've been forcing myself to spend time on the ground, or in my skybox.

SophHarlow said...

Thanks Jewel! I am trying to spend more time on the ground. TRYING. It is so hard though. Good for you for doing it!

Uff, all I want are endless prims for pretty things that I will never use! Is that too much to ask?

Lol, thank you for not only reading my blog but for taking the time to comment :))

naadi said...

o.m.g Thank you for this blog, one of me new favorites now.
I loves to decorate in SL, making gardens are my favorite,the platform pick made me giggle. At the moment I am making a skybox garden, trying to downscale a little but I know myself wont be long before I have a parcel again and overfload it with cute prims hehe

SophHarlow said...


Thank you so much for reading my little blog!
Ohhhh, I would love to see your garden once you complete it! Drop pics of it on me in-world!

I have tried to go the route of not setting up a house bc I am typically on my posestand but ugh, I can't resist the cute!


Alumnia said...

Awesome post and lovely pics! I am unable to login to SL till I get a new laptop, so may I ask where did you buy the house? Thank you for your help and keep up the good work:)

SophHarlow said...


Thank you for the comment and compliment...the house is from
L2 STUDIO and the house is the West Lake House.

Hope you get a new laptop soon! Thank you for reading my blog :)